I remember late one night, in an empty conference hall in… I think Houston? Sitting with my teammates trying to work out how we were going to make a game that highlighted how we learn about new culture norms in the work place. Delirious from lack of sleep, I remember just laugh crying at one point about the ridiculousness of our endeavor. I had a hard time believing that I was traveling to these conferences to work on these mini-games/presentations, interacting with conference guests, and having a great time in doing it. There was so much about the experience that I enjoyed, but what resonated with me was how much fun I had in working with a team in coming up with creative ways to solve problems. Having to tackle such large concepts, with both technical and time limitations, forced me to start my career already thinking outside of the box. Nights like those made me feel invincible.

-Wesley Knee, ’09
Lead Artist at Ludia

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