It’s impossible for me to pick just one memory, so for now, I’ll just pick one of my *first* memories. This was in April 2008 at John Cohn’s house, an IBM Fellow and project sponsor for the “IBM Game Tomorrow” project which was an interactive multimedia piece to encourage kids to explore STEM career fields. John and his wife, Diane hosted the whole team for a celebratory dinner at his house, complete with blowing up things in the microwave (see photo), and us making a swift getaway in our big white van when the little science explosions outside prompted some sirens. It was then I knew I had made the right career choice! Haha! ┬áIn the photo around the table (L-R) Ray McCarthy Bergeron, Bryan Hare, Sarah Jerger, Alison Seffels, Iain Bissett, John Cohn, Diane Mariano, Wesley Knee, Lauren Nishikawa, Alex Gustafson, Mike Fowler, Ann DeMarle.

-Sarah Jerger
Director, Operations & Communications at Emergent Media Center, Champlain College

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