I came to Champlain to (re)open an Emergent Media Center in Shanghai, China which is at the center of the largest digital media “industry” on the planet. Along the way the project was modified several times – we found a great venue inside the planned HongKou International Education Park, then discovered our audience among entrepreneurs in co-working spaces and in the Maker scene, and then the model changed to cultivate university partnerships to fund a home-base in two of China’s biggest cities, Shanghai and Guangzhou.   These universities were excited by our concept of emergence, and wanted to create their own multi-disciplinary centers, where Champlain students and faculty could also live and learn. But we lost our terrific Chinese partner as well as Champlain College’s patience.   What a ride! What incredible activity emerged from China’s multi-layered reality. My Chinese vocabulary now includes all the right words! What an amazing partner Ann deMarle has been!

-Rick Harrington
Manager of Emergent Media Masters Programs, Business Development Manager, Shanghai at Champlain College

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