One of my favorite memories working at the EMC was the dedication everyone had to their craft, and the fun they had creating! When I was heading up the storyboard team for Breakaway, my team would have after-hours work parties, order pizza and storyboard scene after scene, taking photos of poses and dropping them into documents for the animators.   Sometimes we would sneak a photo in with all of us posed as it Maya had a bit of a glitch and the characters looked as if they were contortionists, lacking joints and bones.   The team camaraderie was incredible. From Storyboarding, to Animation to Marketing. Everyone’s sense of humor and dedication to their craft will stick with me forever!

What are you doing now?

When I graduated, I started a boutique graphic design studio which I successfully ran for 7 years. As it turns out, one of my favorite parts of running a business was managing projects and people- which I have since taken and turned into a career!

3 months ago, I chose to make the switch from being an entrepreneur in the graphic design world, to a project manager with Magic Hat Brewing! I’m innovating the processes and team dynamic for Magic Hat, and all of the brands within North American Breweries.

Cheers all!

-Mollie Coons , ’09
Freelance Graphic Design Professional

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