On the first Wednesday I worked here, two days after I got on the wrong shuttle to Lakeside and three weeks after I ran from campus realizing that my interview was a twenty minute walk away and I had five minutes to be on time, I sat down with two strangers and my boss to discuss the work agenda for the week. Before the EMC I worked at a coffee shop where I was a cog in the machine, replaceable and unimportant; we didn’t have weekly meetings, or meetings at all. My training was two hours serving customers with an older employee who found out she was training me ten minutes after I arrived and had no idea how to do it (through no fault of her own). So on Wednesday when my EMC boss addressed me, asked me what I was good at and what I could do for them I felt first nervous and surprised but second, and what stayed with me for the next months, valued. For the first time I could contribute something, do what I was good at and be rewarded for it. That’s the feeling that influences the rest of my life. That’s a feeling I think everyone should have.

-Tristan Scilipoti, ’20
Graphic Designer at the Champlain College Emergent Media Center

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