The first time I walked into the EMC, I think it was the first time I saw so many whiteboards in a single space. And I have yet to witness another space with quite that level of whiteboard density!

While I am writing this somewhat jokingly, I really do miss having that kind of configurable space with large writing surfaces and a collaborative environment. Brainstorming sessions at the EMC were great: it’s wonderful to put so many people’s ideas up, so they can be visible to an entire group who can work off of them. It was also really interesting to walk through the EMC and see all the different ideas that were scrawled throughout the space, whether they were left over from a brainstorming session, or notes on a current project, or people just drawing stuff for fun. The EMC is a great space for creativity, and the whiteboards are a curious reflection of that.

I developed a bit of a love of whiteboards during my time at Champlain, though I am limited to a single large board at the moment!

What are you doing now?

What I’m doing? Well… I’m working on a personal brand that revolves around “”creative media”” with a focus photography and web design/development ( It’s under that banner that I do most of my freelance work, primarily within the startup community.


I’m spending the majority of my time on getting a company called Loon off the ground ( I have a lot of trouble reading long-form content, but I love audio, so I decided to build a product that would make it convenient and easy to turn reading material into high-quality audio.

All that comes after being brought onto a different startup as a technical co-founder for a year and a half. That one didn’t work out so well, but I learned a lot on my journey.

In the past three years I moved from Burlington to Halifax N.S., and from Halifax to Vancouver, B.C. But I still miss Burlington, Champlain College, the EMC, and my time in the MFA program so much.

-Raphaël Titsworth-Morin ’14
Co-Founder and CTO at Addo, Founder of Loon

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