I’m currently in the midst of a lot of changes. After several years in the game industry as a QA Tester (but wanting to be an artist) I decided I wasn’t getting anywhere with my current routine. I want to make cartoons and tell stories more than anything, which would mean a big career change. For a big change to happen you need to make a big change yourself.

I’m using 2017 as my year to work on my portfolio and left the game industry. It’s really scary, I’m always full of doubt, but I keep pressing ahead. I’m using several online resources to study and practice different types of art. I’ve been treating it as if it is my day job and put in a full weeks work. I’d love to do more, but have stress issues in my hands from years of overworking so I have to take breaks even when I don’t want to.

My biggest accomplishment so far is my first completed portfolio piece taking 2nd place at the San Mateo County Fair in the Cartoon and Graphics division. It was a really proud moment and reminded me that what I am making does have an audience, so I should keep at it and eventually I can get the job I want. Here’s hoping for my dream job in the next 5 years!

-Vanessa Cummings, ’09

Independent Artist

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