Thank you for considering a charitable gift to the Emergent Media Center. Students and their experiential education are the core pillars of what we do. Over 500 students from across all divisions have been involved at the EMC in its 10 year history. Your gift will allow more students to have meaningful opportunities.

Your gift will go directly towards one of the following areas of your choosing:

  • Emergent Media Center Support  [Yes! I’d love to support the EMC.]
    • Student Opportunities
      Providing paid positions for more students at the EMC.
    • Faculty Dream Projects
      Supporting faculty members, in collaboration with a student team, to work with the EMC to bring their ideas to life.
    • Innovation Fund
      Supporting areas of exploration, experimentation, and iteration, to include the Sandbox team and new technologies.
  • BREAKAWAY  [Yes! I’d love to support BREAKAWAY.]
    EMC’s legacy project to help end violence against women and girls. Originally funded by the UNFPA, and supported by many individual donors throughout the years, this project continues to grow and reach new populations. Over 150 students have worked on this project and had huge impact. The current goal is to update and redesign the game for mobile, as well as launch a Mandarin translation version. Find out more about BREAKAWAY.
  • MakerLab  [Yes! I’d love to support the MakerLab.]
    Support one of the fastest growing areas of student interest and engagement on campus. The MakerLab gives all Champlain students the tools and training they need to explore the endless possibilities bridging physical and digital technologies. Find out more about the MakerLab.