Together, we did it! Through your participation in the EMCTen online, Career Collaborative events, and our EMCTen celebration, we are crafting a vision for how the Emergent Media Center can move into our next ten years and open doors for the next generation of Champlain students, partners, and global community.  Based on what we learned this past year from you, the EMC team recently completed a two-day retreat to reflect and define our strategic goals and action steps for the next 3 to 5 years. As we refine these we will be looking for your feedback and help in achieving the next level for our courageous learning community.

But before we turn the page on the last ten years, we want to share the exciting and illuminating media that was created for and/or was captured during our EMC Ten party!

We hope you continue to travel forward with us by keeping an eye out for our next steps as we power-up and amplify a uniquely powerful educational model. Please keep in touch, reach out, and send your thoughts, guidance, or help.